Critique of Class

My overall opinion of this class is a positive one. I didn’t know it was going to be a photograph class and was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be. I really enjoyed the photobooth project, I think it was a good way to get out of our comfort zones and become more experienced with photographing people. The only thing I wish we would of done more of is learned more about the program’s we were using in class rather than through Lynda website. I also wish we had been introduced to the final blurb book project more In advance. It was an awesome project and I would of liked to do more with it and would of had more time to add more personal touches and pages to make it a sizable book. Other than that I’m really glad I took this class and am more excited about the art medium of photography!


Project Write Up


For our final project for our photography class, our goal was to create a hardbound book that would be a keepsake forever. For this book our job was to show our inspiration for becoming an artist and ourselves as an artist. This book is going to outline the reasons why I became an art major. I will lie out how I chose to become an art major and the awesome support system I have for helping me reach my goal. I will also show my plans for the future in hopefully becoming a successful artist.


For my book I want to demonstrate the reasons why I chose to become an art major in the first place. I have always had a passion for interior design, decorating, and architecture. For a couple years now, I have created my own little idea book of things that I clip from magazines that I like and things from design shows that inspire me. For this book I want to take some of my best ideas and display them in our final project book that we will be making. My inspiration for becoming and interior designer comes from a couple different things. I don’t have one particular artist that inspires me but rather multiples. For this profession I think you need to be open-minded so I enjoy watching interior designers that know how to do all different styles. And for me the designers on the Home and Garden channel know exactly how to do that. My mom is also a big inspiration. We share the same passion for interior design so most of my inspiration comes from her. She is the one that got me interested in this field of work by constantly changing and redecorating our home. Some might say that’s time consuming but I find it fun and refreshing.

Plan of action

For a while now I have had my own personal idea book. When a good idea comes around I either write it down or take a picture of it or clip something out of a magazine. For this book I don’t want to have much writing because I would rather it consist of all pictures to show even more of my ideas. I want to display in my book mostly my magazine clippings. For another portion of my book I want to show people the experiences I have had so far as interior designer using personal pictures of my own home that I have had a part in decorating. Even though I do not have much experience because I’m still trying to achieve my art degree and learn the ticks of the trade, I have a lot of fun experimenting around for now. And lastly at the end of the book I want to have a picture of my parents because they are my biggest support system as well as where I plan to go after I achieve my art degree here at California State University San Marcos.

Desired outcomes

My desired outcome for this project is for my audience and for myself and for my parents. I want my audience to see what my dreams are and the reasons as to why I have this passion and chose this field of work. I think it is most important as an artist to express yourself in the work that you do because that’s what gives it a personal touch. After doing this project and it turns out the way I hope, I could possibly make more and more idea books and use them to show potential clients my work. I want this book for myself as a reminder why I chose this major and this job. Many people think that becoming an art major will be useless and a big future might not come from it, and that’s why I want this book the most. To remind myself of the reason why I chose interior design and why it is important for me to chase my dreams and do what I want and get out of life what I want. I will also use it as a reminder for where I am heading next in life. Its for my parents because I want them to see that I am grateful for all that they do and how happy I am that my parents support my goal of becoming an artist in my own way. Not many parents are happy with the idea of their children becoming an artist and that’s why I am so grateful for mine.

Resources needed

The resources I will need to complete this book are simple. I will need to use some of my previous magazine clippings to display my ideas. I will need the photography skills I have learned this semester in my class to take pictures of my own home to show them in the best way I can. In order to do this I will need to have my camera that shoots in camera raw. Also my hard drive will be very important so I can take my work with me and save all my important files. I will use a scanner to scan my magazine clippings from previous idea books so I will be able to use them in my final project book. I plan to use InDesign and Lightroom to help me construct and deliver the book properly. Lightroom will help me edit all my photographs and InDesign will be used to lie out my book and order it through there application of blurb book. I will need a small amount of money to be able to pay for the book. My plan is to go back and forth between school computers and my own computer to get this project completed.


Overall, I think this book is going to be a success and I believe it will turn out the way I imagine. I have never done a project like this before so I am excited to experiment around with new programs and learn new applications that will take my art to new levels.


Contemporary Artists

Mr. Brainwash – Thierry Guetta

Thierry is a street artist that was previously a clothing storeowner. He is largely known for his contemporary art and confusing personality. He used his video camera to film absolutely everything. He would document his families’ life by setting up video cameras throughout his house. After visiting his cousin in France, a street photographer, it changed his life forever. He became fascinated with the role of street photography and modern culture.

Gina Beavers

Gina is from Athens, Greece and lives in New York now. Her inspiration comes from photographs or looking up key words into Google images and recreating them, even the smallest details that they might have. She uses acrylic pant to recreate the images she discovers and she does a lot of recreations of food.

Edward Burtynsky

Edward is known for being one of Canada’s most respected photographers. He depicts global industrial landscapes. His imagery explores the collective impact we as species are having on the surface of the planet. Some of his photographs are taken from a bird’s eye view.

Mid Semester Quiz

1.) A camera is a device that can record light. A box of light shinning through it.

2.) A depth of field can be useful when trying to capture something in a wide range. The depth can be used to capture the background and subject matter.

3.) Different types of Composition: Format, Repeating Forms, Distance of the Subject, Rule of Thirds, Angle of the View, Contrast, Framing, Lending Lines.

4.) ISO range should be low in a high light situation because it will help with the sensitivity. In a low light situation the ISO should be high.

5.) Shutter Speed is the speed in which a photo is taken. the shutter speed should be high in like an action shot or when taking sport pictures. the shutter speed should be low in tranquil settings. Aperture affects the light as well as shutter speed.

6.) Basic tools in Lightroom: Exposure, Contrast, Clarity, Saturation, Vibrance, Shadows

7.) In Lightroom you can change to black and white by making the saturation all the way low. Another way is to turn the white and black button on. The third way is to go to the actual navigation bar for black and white and slide the bars up and down to reach the amount of black and white that you want.

8.) Street Photography is photography that is done not in a studio but in an actual setting without a backdrop. Many photographers like to use this because they get a more natural look and in peoples actual settings.

9.) Ian used chemicals to make his images appear on a board. He created chemicals that layered on top of each other. He used a couple different chemicals and used his truck as a dark space to develop the pictures.


Photo Booth Project

Veronique and I decided to stay local and changed the location from Huntington Beach to Oceanside Beach Pier. The setting up process took a while because the background poles that we decided to use were really heavy to carry and the backdrop was a quilt so it was fabric heavy which made it hard to stay on the clips. When we arrived at about 10:00am there was a lot of people around but were apprehensive at first until we whipped out our sign that said “help us with our school project”. After we got past a couple no’s and a couple yes’s the vibe and atmosphere changed for us because we became more relaxed and were more inclined to ask people to help us out. We have no pictures of children because all the parents we had asked immediately said no so we stopped asking for children. We got a lot of couples and a lot of single people just walking along enjoying their morning on the pier. We had a lot of people ask us what we were doing and some were genuinely curious and wanted to be a part of it, others were just suspicious and would walk away. I feel like we got a wide range of personalities and that made the pictures more interesting and turned out way better. Overall this project was shaky at first but once we started to get things going it was really fun and we got to hear some interesting stories about peoples lives. I really enjoyed this project and I wouldn’t mind doing it again!

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