Photo Booth Project

Veronique and I decided to stay local and changed the location from Huntington Beach to Oceanside Beach Pier. The setting up process took a while because the background poles that we decided to use were really heavy to carry and the backdrop was a quilt so it was fabric heavy which made it hard to stay on the clips. When we arrived at about 10:00am there was a lot of people around but were apprehensive at first until we whipped out our sign that said “help us with our school project”. After we got past a couple no’s and a couple yes’s the vibe and atmosphere changed for us because we became more relaxed and were more inclined to ask people to help us out. We have no pictures of children because all the parents we had asked immediately said no so we stopped asking for children. We got a lot of couples and a lot of single people just walking along enjoying their morning on the pier. We had a lot of people ask us what we were doing and some were genuinely curious and wanted to be a part of it, others were just suspicious and would walk away. I feel like we got a wide range of personalities and that made the pictures more interesting and turned out way better. Overall this project was shaky at first but once we started to get things going it was really fun and we got to hear some interesting stories about peoples lives. I really enjoyed this project and I wouldn’t mind doing it again!

Video –


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